We're having issues where after a couple weeks of uptime, machines in
our domain (dsfw on oes11) show as "unauthenticated" in the network

This happens to both pc's (win7) and servers (win2k8 and higher), and
when it happens to servers, services running on those servers end up
not running properly if they run at all.

When it happens to pc's, they have issues connecting to different
windows related things (MMC, etc).

Only thing that resolves the issue is a reboot of my dsfw servers, then
every machine that's having the unauthenticated issue needs removed
from the domain, the computer account deleted, then the machine joined
to the domain again.

To me, this seems an unacceptable situation. Anyone else running into
this issue? If so, have you found something to fix it other than
removing a huge chunk of domain machines & joining them to the domain

Running dsfw on sles11sp1 / oes11 servers, edir 8.8.7.