I am sure I could get this to work by assigning bundles to Users instead of devices to force them to install only when a user session is active. But I have a little issue with some of my end users not logging into Novell and as a result ZENworks so they don't get User assigned bundles. I get a few bundles that are showing errors that a user session wasn't found and failed the bundle launch.

My question is can this be handled so that a bundle will not launch if the system is sitting at a login prompt (no user session) but the bundle is not assigned to a user but to a device?

On a side note. Is there a way to force a novell/ZAA login on Location change? I played around with this for the last few years but can't seem to get it working. I have an AutoIT script I managed to put in place that pols the system for the correct network information then if there is drive access, then if no drive to provide the Novell Login prompt to the user. I could use that but don't know how to place the ZAA login or to force the login at the same time as the Novell Login prompt.