I have a new ZCM 11.2.2 (Dec and January Pru's installed, Dec Imaging patch installed), Linux system, running on SLES 11.1, three primary servers one of which is dedicated to the database.

Imaging working for new Dell desktops and older models fine.

New Dell Latitude E5530 non-vPro laptop imaging works with our old ZCM 10.3.4 legacy system.

What is happening on the 11.2.2 system is the initial PXE menu comes up, select Maintenance mode, first splash screen comes and goes, second splash screen is blurred and fuzzy. Type 'IMG' at prompt, then the Imaging menu is blurred. The NIC doesn't activate. Not sure if this is similar to other Dell laptops that were listed fixed in Dec and Jan Pru's.

Imaging Engine menu Information, which is blurry, tells me that I have a Dell (Intel based) Broadcom Gigabit unknown, Video unknown, Sound unknown.

My question is: Is there a way to work around to this and which logs should I upload?