Hello everyone.

Recently our ZCM 11.0.0 SLES Server (We are planning on updating this summer, its a school environment, and we cannot keep the server down for a long period) has acted a bit haywire. When attempting to image a machine over the network using a bootable USB device, it loads everything apparently correctly. We go through our process of selecting an image and whatnot, but when finally starting the imaging process, we hit a snag. The blue imaging screen sticks, with 'Reformatting NTFS Partition' Appearing on the screen and nothing more. No Progress bar at all. The Timer sticks, then about 20 seconds later it updates, then it sticks again, and this repeats. This will go on indefinitely until the system is turned off.

We have tried turning off every ZCM system service, to no avail, as well as rebooted the box. We believe this is a server side issue, as it is happening with a few separate devices and images. Does anyone have any solutions to this issue?

I have attached a link to a picture of the issue. Here