I am running GroupWise 8.0.2 on an HP DL360G G7 with 24 GB of RAM and Dual Xeon X5650 processors under Server 2008 R2 Sp1. Post Office is using roughly 562 GB of an 819 GB Disk located on an HP p2000 g3 SAS connected enclosure comprised of 12 x 146 GB (15k rpm) SAS disks in a RAID 10 configuration. Typically never more than 700 users connected to the Post Office at any time. I am experiencing client slowness at regular intervals. Roughly every three weeks. The solution tends to be to restart the server and give it a fresh start, which holds for a while.

1. When the server restarts I see minimal memory utilization maybe 1.5 GB within half an hour the Used memory climbs a bit to about 2GB but free memory is quickly pre-allocated to standby memory. Within about 2 hours the Free memory is all consumed and I have about 20+ GB of Standby Memory. Running RAMMap indicates that the memory is being used by Metafile and Mapped File, Which tells me that the Post Offices files are being indexed and cached into RAM. Then after a couple weeks go by the amount of active RAM exceeds 8GB (still mostly Metafile, not so much Mapped File). And standby RAM still consumes the remaining RAM between Metafile and Mapped file, leaving no free memory. Typically once I reach about 8GB of memory actively used by the system (mostly Metafile), it's time for performance to drop for the clients.

Also, I'm seeing increases in Disk Queue Length for the Post Office Volume. Typically below 2 rarely as high as 5,

I suspect my best solution is to start a regular defrag process as my volume is now 29% defragmented [yeah NTFS :( ]

I am concerned a defrag could take as much if not longer than 10 hours. Which is too long for the agents to be down. So I was wondering if anyone had used DiskKeeper or alternative 3rd party Defrag utilities that might be able to defrag open files in the background, or if anyone had run defrag with the agents running to get the defragable files, then shut down the agents for a second pass which should be considerably shorter. Any advice that can be offered, or other suggestions for my described issue, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!