Hi all,

This is probably a very simple problem so I feel bad for asking, but I hope someone can help as I have been struggling with it for 2 days.

My setup: OES11 SP1 server on the network, 1 LUM-enabled user

I have LUM-enabled a user (joetest) and then used that account to try to ssh into the OES server. I keep getting authentication failure - would not accept the password. Using root user to ssh in works.

In /var/log/messages, I get:
Jan 26 19:31:36 katsumi sshd[20832]: PAM_NAM: _nds_GetUnixKeyForUser: Unable to read the salt key attribute for the user cn=joetest,ou=USERS,o=ABC.
Jan 26 19:31:36 katsumi sshd[20832]: PAM_NAM: CryptedPassword: Unable to get the unix key for the user cn=joetest,ou=USERS,o=ABC
Jan 26 19:31:36 katsumi sshd[20832]: PAM_NAM: nam_pam_sm_authenticate: NDS Login failed
Jan 26 19:31:36 katsumi sshd[20829]: error: PAM: Authentication failure for joetest from

But I can "see" the user on the OES server itself:
katsumi:~ # id joetest
uid=602(joetest) gid=602(lumusers) groups=602(lumusers)

What am I doing wrong? Any help will be deeply appreciated!