Hi all,

I messed up a user account and now I want to completely recreate it.

I deleted the user in iManager and then recreated it, but it seems to be still using the old account settings. Tried the commandline "namuserdel" but the same result.

Some background: I was browsing through the user settings and clicked on the Kerberos link. After that, iManager seemed to hangup, and then whenever I tried to login either from gdm or ssh, I would get the error: "Unable to get the unix key for the user". I created another user with a different username and that user can login through ssh and gdm with no problems.

When I recreate the user with the same username, I get the same error "Unable to get the unix key for the user". How can I completely remove the user (and probably all references to the user) and then create a new account with the same username?

Thanks in advance!