I asked this in the TTP list, but I think it probably deserves a consideration here as well:

I've been having some Zenworks "issues" lately, and suspect some of my trouble was that I was above the recommended device count for an embedded database. Just recently I've migrated to an MS SQL server. I also bumped the memory in the zcm servers. I have 2 primaries, and one of them is 32bit SLES11.2. I'd like to replace this with 64bit SLES so I can take advantage of more memory and threads for tomcat.
I'm being stubborn, and would like to keep the hostname (zcm.mydomain.com) assigned to it if possible.
My options seem to be:

-Add a new primary; then remove the 32bit one; just make zcm.mydomain.com a DNS CNAME
-Remove the 32bit; run on one server for a while, then rebuild and add 64bit primary back in with the same name
-Add a new primary; remove old; attempt to rename it
-suck it up and abandon the name; add new primary; remove old; pout.

Any suggestions on which road I should take?