we have a problem with our windows satellite server.

We have 2 linux primary server and with these 2 servers pxe imaging works fine. These 2 servers are in germany. Now we have a new satellite server in mexicso (second facitlity). These to facilitys are connected over vpn and in the same zcm zone (and windows domain).
The satellite server is a windows 7 client and is configured for all 4 roles (imaging, content, authentification and collection).

But if i try to boot up in pxe in mexico i get no connection to the satellite server with the imaging role. I startet the proxydhcp with the command "zman sseimg /Devices/Workstations/path to the device start

and i get the notification Successfully sent the task to start the Proxy DHCP service on /Devices/Workstations/path to the device.

What did i wrong? Is there any other things i have to do, to get the satellite server running as an imaging server?

It would be great if someone can help me.

Both (satellite and primary server) are running on 11.2.1