We use deepfreeze in many of our labs and we also currently run Zenworks 11.2.

I have recently created a "Device Retirement" bundle. This bundle does a few things, first modifying the Inventory Database entry to mark the device as "retired" and then log when the device was retired and what Repair Tech retired the device. It then removes the device from some odds and ends lists before unregistering the device from Zenworks. (Removes it from the container)

After the device is retired I would like to essentially brick the machine so that it cannot boot into windows.

The Reason: if the device is logged into it will re-register into the Zenworks Zone and repopulate into the container.

The Problem: These devices are frozen with Faronics DeepFreeze.

Things I've tried.
- Ziswin.exe to clear the image safe data or set the imaging flags. It does not hold after reboot.
- Using zman files from the MSI's on the install disk. Got pretty close but always ended up with errors when trying to assign a re-image
- Use a hex editor to wipe the 5th sector of the HD(ISD location in most cases). Could not complete as it would always give permission errors even with Admin. I believe it has to do with being the same hard drive the OS is on.
- Run on Boot regedits to break Novell Client (Using distribution schedule with Launch and Install after deployment checkboxes checked), bundle will not run until after login and refresh. Deepfreeze does not allow the assignments to be remembered.
- Attempted to move the device to a separate container and create a Preboot Imaging Bundle, but it doesnt auto image on every boot, apply assigned image must be hit

So, does anyone have any ideas on how I can brick these devices?

Some method to assign an imaging bundle from a workstations command line? Some way to clear the ISD on a froze machine? Anything?

Thank you for any input,