I'm running some tests using the Vibe trial VM, and am trying to use a
Mirrored Folder with an existing NetWare 6.5sp8 NSS volume.

I've gone through the following steps:

1. setup the Vibe VM, including the Mirrored Folder drivers

2. mounted the NetWare 6.5sp8 NSS volume from the SUSE instance that
the Vibe VM is running from using ncpmount.

3. created a Mirror Folder within Vibe that points to that mounted volume

From within Vibe, all of the files and directories show up correctly in
that Mirrored Folder.

The problem is that I am unable to upload any new files to the Mirrored
Folder, and I cannot download or view any files.

When uploading new files, I get the following error:

"Error storing primary file: <filename> (fiAdapter) - I/O error:
/mnt/<volname>/<volpath>/<filename> (Permission denied)"

When downloading or viewing any files, the files are zero length or empty.

It appears to be a permission issue, but since I can see and browse the
files, I'm not sure what I've missed. Vibe is running as whatever the
default account is for that VM trial (vibeuser, I believe), the volume
is mounted using an eDirectory user with read/write access to the
NetWare path I'm trying to access, and I'm logged into Vibe as the admin

Any suggestions?


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