Hi all, new into the world of ZCM after moving over from the dark side (SCCM )

I'm working on a Windows 7 imaging \ migration project for this summer and have been working with a combination of two rather useful links I've found via the Novell site...

Windows 7 Automated Imaging and ZCM Registration | Novell User Communities

I've got DPInst working with an add-on image (currently using the oobe phase but more on that in a moment). Have also split the imaging scripts and ZCM agent \ Novell client into separate images as well. That side of things has been working OK so far but got a quick question regarding sysprep...

In the lab it mentions a section about caching the unattend.xml files so they can be changed on later deployments if required. Just wondering how this fits in with the first time you run sysprep (the part just before you capture the base image). Basically what I need to check is whether this logic is right...

- in the base image put my current best sysprep unattend.xml file into c:\install-wim
- in the base image run sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:c:\install-wim\unattend.xml
- capture the image
- for any machines I want to change the settings create an add-on image
- create folder structure c:\windows\system32\panther and c:\windows\system32\sysprep
- import updated unattend.xml file into both locations
- apply add-on image to preboot bundle

If it do this will the cached unattend.xml files completely replace what was on the base image when sysprep was first run or will I get some mix of the two - basically does that first sysprep command in the base image do anything apart from copy the unattend.xml file from c:\install-wim into the system32 and panther folders?

I'm looking to avoid changing the base image as much as possible so the add-on image method would be the most preferable to me if it completely replaces the base unattend.xml instructions.

Also as an aside, is there any advantage to running DPinst in the specialize phase rather than oobe as a script? I know Win7 does that hardware detection phase when it detects hardware quite early after the image applies but not sure what that comes in relative to the sysprep stages (e.g. if it happens after the specialize phase I'll move DPisnt as I'd prefer the Experience Index to rate the machine on the correct drivers rather than Windows default ones)

Any info much appreciated