Hi guys I need some help,

I have a one server NW6.5sp8 with about 30-40 users on it. Most of them are on windows 7 and only 4 machines are XP.

Now, my problem is; I lost the security on Private folders, all folders are visible to everyone. Is there a way to restore the security? One of the windows 7 machine locked some files and because of that everybody was freezing including the server itself. I had to do a forced shutdown, after that somehow, the security on private folders was gone. This is the second time that happens. On XP I never had those problems.

Anyone knows what's causing this?
How I can restore the security on those folders? It looks like everyone is inheriting full rights on any file from the root of the server. I also tried to create a new user without any group or rights and that user can still see everything. Any thoughts?