bit of an odd one i've run into

client has moved from an onsite proxy server to a cloud based one (zscaler). Due to the authentication mechanism now being browser based and not the traditional popup prompt type, we cannot use the proxy to get to the Novell update and registration servers

Windows update and activation servers are added to an exception list to not require authentication at the proxy level so they will work

So the question I have is, what are the addresses that I need to add to the zscaler proxy to make novell server activation and updates work properly, as I can't seem to find a list of server addresses anywhere on the Novell website, only a list for sles 9 which is not of much use now since we are using a mix of OES2 and OES11 servers

Can someone help me out here or point me in the direction of where to look for the details about the servers, the only one I know of is but i'm betting there is more than just that one