I have a NetWare 6.5 SP8 server that I previously had an iSCSI volume mounted on. The iSCSI volume is on a NetApps SAN. In the Autoexec.ncf I had:

iscsi set InitiatorName=iqn.1984-08.com.novell:.server.org.tree.
iscsinit connect
mount iscsivol

This was working but for a number of reasons we weren't storing a lot on the iSCSI volume. I went to start putting info on that volume today and found that it wasn't available. It turns out that the dedicated NIC I had in the NetWare server to connect to the NetApps target had died. I replaced the NIC with a new one, configured the NIC and loaded the commands. The 'iscsinit connect' command connects fine and if I do an 'iscsi list', I see the connection to NetApps. In addition, on the NetApps side, it sees my server connected to it.

The problem is that I don't see the original volume on the iSCSI share. In fact, in both nssmu and NRM, I don't see the iSCSI drive or partition at all. What am I missing?