Hey all,

maybe you can help me. I allready opened a service request a few weeks ago but unfortunatelly the soulution didnt worked.
Dell Models Latitude E6430 and Optiplex 3010, both shipped with pre-installed Linux Ubuntu (we order without windows because we buy it seperately and dell is not able to ship without anything installed at all), are hanging in a loop when imagescript is running. The script just starts from the beginning over and over again without rebooting what it normaly does when it finished a one time run-through.
I can fix the issue by booting manually into maintenance mode and typingin "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 seek=5 count=58" (as described in TID 3414734) and then reboot by hand and start my imaging process.
Problem is i can not do that manually with every machine and cannot expect my customer to do that because he is normally not an it-pro and we use this imaging process all over the world and it used to run smooth! it is a work around but not a final solution.
Does anyone has an idea !?
I also thought about deleting the partitions via script with "fdisk" or something like that but it does not seem to be able to be scripted...
And when i use the command from above with a script i still have to reboot and after that you have to manually boot into NIC again...

For the record, the service request number i opened was "10802523881" if it helps in any way.

I also have performance problems with this models.
Since i used the "Tuxera High Performance NTFS Driver" with my windows 7 image i was able to reduce my copy time from about 26 minutes to about 7 minutes. The new models got back to the 26 minutes but i think that is an issue with the drivers because the models are so brand new !?

Shall i open a new SR with the same problem?

I am thankful for any suggestions ;-)

thanks in advance and cheers,