After upgrading from the 11.1a agent to 11.2.2 MU2, most of our bundles
that are set with a launch schedule of "user login" do not run. I have
had a case open with NTS for some weeks but am not making progress, so I
thought it might be worthwhile to post on the forums.

At first we thought it was zencache corruption. There is supposedly a
known bug at 11.2.1, fixed at 11.2.2, related to this, but which
requires the cache to be cleared, and possibly the machine
re-registered. Symptoms relating to zencache include; the machine goes
unmanaged, empty NAL window, etc. These are all fixable on a
case-by-case basis with zen cc, zen unr and zen reg. Have also done
some sqlite registry tweaks related to this.

Another very repeatable symptom is that, if you wait 5 minutes (not 4)
after a reboot before logging in, the bundles will launch as normal.

Bundles that are assigned to devices do launch reliably at user login,
but any action that requires a user session (HKCU, network credentials,
any actions set to run as logged-in user) will fail.

The groups are Active Directory groups. I have run the checks in, and our LDAP
response time is quite good.

Related zen errors:

There is no user session available or user session could not be
determined. GenericActions.UserSessionUnavailable

Could not add bundle 943d183fb2d1d56471f4586d469e3d49 to session
Message ID: BUNDLE.CouldNotAddBundle

could not read registry: {0}{Software\Novell\ZCM\NAL\} (should be a
HKCU string instead of {0} I guess)

From a device-assigned bundle: In the action "Registry Disable
Homepage", the operation on key
"HKEY_USERS\\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Inter net Explorer\Control
Panel" failed due to the following error - "Den angitte banen er
ugyldig. (here note the empty string between the // in
HKEY_USERS\\Software, that should contain a user ID)

The assignment web service encountered the following exception while
handling "getAssignmentChains" request for (GUID):
javax.naming.CommunicationException: Software caused conection abort:
recv failed]; remaining name ''

The assignment web service encountered the following exception while
handling "getEffectiveAssignments" request for (long user guid): Invalid
assignment token:

Thanks for reading this far! Any and all help appreciated

Phillip E. Thomas