Hi all: While this does not relate to a server, it is an installation issue. We use roaming profiles, and I have re-entered MSI HELL. When I say "Re-entered" I mean I had this issue awhile ago, it went away, and now it is back. I have NO CLUE what changed.

So here is my issue. While working in ZCC, I have to sometimes remote into a workstation or modify a policy. As you now, you have to install the helper MSI apps, and that is my problem. Every time I logout and re-login, I have to re-install these freakin MSIs, but to top things off, the MSI install breaks and I am forced to run the MS MSI Cleanup utility, AND THEN re-install the MSI app. OVER AND OVER and OVER, every login.

I suspect this is related to how we handle our user profiles, but I am in the dark on what is breaking or how to fix it. All suggestions most welcome. Thanks, Chris.