I've got another post in the oes-l install forum but figured I could supplement any answer there with one here. I've got an oes11 machine giving me trouble with it's software patterns. I would like to install the "32bit runtime environment" in order to run gw803hp1 on the server. The reason I want to do this is because as I understand it the GroupWise agents are still 32bit (gw2012 too) and in the documentation is says that, "32-bit/x86 processor or 64-bit/x86 processor running in 32-bit mode" is a requirement. I assume this means that I have to have the "32bit runtime environment" installed on my oes11 machine in order to run gw803hp1? Is that correct? Do I need the "32bit runtime environment" in order to run gw on oes11 (64bit)? The server will be upgraded next week to gw2012.

Thanks for any help and Info you can supply.