Hi all,

I've got this scenario-
Remote site- GW7 running on Netware 6.5. Secondary GW Domain. 15 GB Post Office
Head office- GW8 running on OES Linux. Primary GW Domain.

We want to get rid of servers at the remote site and move their GW mail to the Head office. Would this be a good plan to make this happen:
1. Upgrade the Remote system to GW8.
2. Use DBCopy to copy PO to the OES Linux server (using Migration option).
3. Cut over and do a final DBCopy of Post Office and DBCopy over the Secondary Domain DB.
4. Edit the PO and Secondary Domain info in C1 making the POA object run on port 1678 so we can use the same IP.
5. Reconfigure the Secondary Domain to use the existing GWIA and WebAccess. We have DataSync running currently on the PO in the Primary Domain. I assume the SOAP connections will allow for connections to this PO in Secondary Domain.

Would it be better too if after moving the GW system to the Head office to move the PO from the Secondary Domain to the Primary Domain and get rid of the Secondary Domain? If so, what's the best way to do this?

Thanks in advance