We're having issues with Windows XP machines running 10.x agent and even after upgrading the agent to 11.2 the DLU policy does not apply at all or sporadically at best. Some show no policies being applied but are locked down (i.e. the policy applied). If we completely remove the 10.x agent, reboot and then install the 11.2 agent it seems to fix the issue (most the time, but not always). I'm just wondering if there is a way to create a bundle that would uninstall the ZCM 10.x agent, copy the ZCM 11.2 agent down to the local machine, reboot and then install the 11.2 agent and reboot yet again. We have thousands of devices so a manual uninstall and reinstall isn't very feasible. The reason we want to uninstall the 10.x agent is we seem to have many more issues doing the upgrade process vs. a complete uninstall, reboot and reinstall.