Upgraded GW to 2012 sp1 at the beginning of the month
Running OES10sp3

Some heavy users are complaining of slowness. Recent investigating of user showed memory function failure 8101 on the user and was related to proxy with 2 accounts she has access to.

Verified with her the last time the slowness was experienced She was working in the new multi-user calendars: Yes, I view three to four calendars at a time via multi-user. The most recent issue occured when I was rearranging the order of which I view the calendars.

Other reported slowness has also been related to multiuser by other users.

Some users are on XP some are on Windows 7.
CS threads and worker threads are not maxed out at the time
put the --udpslap switch on poa which has fixed slowness in the past, did not change results.

Has anyone else experienced?

Any Ideas?