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Thread: FDE - Emergency Recovery Disks- Windows 7 64-bit

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    FDE - Emergency Recovery Disks- Windows 7 64-bit

    Has anyone gotten the Emergency Recovery Disks to work with Windows 7 64-BIT? I followed the instructions in the guide Manuel creation and the automated PowerShell solution,(changed the x86 to amd64) but i keep getting the following error when WinPE boots: "missing or corrupt NBFDENC.SYS Error:0xC0000359. Anyone have any ideas?

    As a test, I ran the 32-bit version and it ran well on my PC at home (Win XP 32-bit)
    Unfortunately, it's for work and our environment is Win 7 - 64bit.

    Here is what I am referring too. I followed every direction. Still no go:Novell Documentation
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