Ok Groupwise 8. User's keep their archives under the main users folder on a Novell Server. Groupwise is running from Linux server, so the main post office and domain are backed up nightly on the Linux server, the user archives are backed up nightly on that server.

I have had to restore current messages a user accidentally deleted from their mailbox, Reload handled that as those were current. But now I have one user who didn't know what the folder GWArchive was and blew it away. It was his archives. He needs them back. So I have restored them from the Novell server backup, first from the last full backup and then the two incremental backups that cover up to the point he deleted the folder. The incrementals were restored to separate folders because I didn't want those to overwrite the main files as these are incremental.

How do you "merge" all these together to rebuild that archive index? Is it just a matter of moving all the .000, .001, .002, etc. files over, then the *.db files, and the index files? Or something different?

Thanks in advance - I wish there was someplace that describes all these file types, what they are, etc. a really technical level explanation so I understand this a lot better.

Kind regards,