Hello all,

I am desperate to find a way to recover email from a caching mailbox.
My tape backup system was messed up for a single PO, so tape restore is not possible.

I have a copy of the local cache. It has several thousand files and a good "MSG" database.
BUT, the "User" database is 0 bytes. The tech who copied it did not catch the issue.

I open a Support Incident, but after a few repairs, they gave up and said "Database corruption" and closed the case.
(I am not happy about that, since I found a TID that explains how to recreate the "User.db")

The gwcheck can run trough repairs, but always errors out at some point.

I guess I need a procedure to recreate the caching mailbox user.db. Add the message pointers back in to it from the message db and them add the messages back to the live PO.

Any one have any help for us? It is for a VIP who also happens to be a great guy.