It looks like I am finally going to start moving our old NW environment over to OES. When we looked at doing this before, it seemed very difficult to move the services in my title over to OES. From what I can tell now though from the docs and forum postings, the process is much smoother. We have three NW65 servers at our data center and one NW65 at each of our 16 remote sites. All are completely patched and running under VMware vSphere for the most part. A few are still running on physical servers, but will soon be moved over.

I would like to start by migrating our main server that is running iPrint for the main site, the CA, the SLPDA, and holds the Master replica of [root]. That particular server was originally 4.10, then 4.11, 5.0, 6.0, and then 6.5 (various migrations and hardware refreshes since about 1996.) It was the first NDS server that was installed in our organization.

I would use the migui tool to move the services and then transfer the server ID to OES. Any tips, gotchas, or things in particular to look at when doing this process? The docs don't go into much detail on these specific services that are critical to eDirectory and SLP to continue functioning properly.