As we moved from one domain to another and from ZCM 10 to ZCM 11 we face a little problem (not so problem, just inconvenient) that users have on Windows devices local accounts (made by ZCM 10 via login into eDir on old system) and they want to use this account, but login into new ZCM 11 is also needed, but requires different credentials. So, good when we could ZCM login to "save" or "remember" last login credentials as it is done with iPrint and iFolder. Can it be done? Or is this something ... unimaginable? =) I think then it is possible ZCM better utilize sites where is system setup without direct login into eDir or AD. Sure, maybe there is something ... what can't be done, just a thought. At least, we miss this kind of option right now.
More thanks, Alar.