We've had this happen a couple times now. Come in on a Monday morning
and one account on our system is having database errors. So far it has
only been an account in the IT dept, but it's been two different
accounts now.

User is unable to send or receive email, when either is tried a c00e
error is generated.

Running the gwcheck from C1 gives the result:

Error 22- Database check error: BAD_IX (0xC00E)

Ended up having to run the standalone gwcheck against the user's
database and that seems to get things running again.

I have a structure check (index check included) set to run daily, as
well as a contents check (just turned on attachment file check) set to
run weekly.

This didn't happen until several weeks after upgrading to gw2012sp1.
Running that on sles10sp4 (oes2sp3) 64 bit.

Any ideas what could be causing this and what can be done to prevent it?