The short story is my NSS volumes are missing - No data shows up in media\nss\VOLUME NAME. This happened immediately after reboot upon applying the January 2013 updates.

Now the long part. Go back to September when I applied updates and Zenworks 11.2.1 agent after a reboot and the server would not come up!
On boot I get could not find /dev/disk/by-id
After a day of pulling out my hair, I found out that if I booted into the dell life cycle controler and did a restart the server would come up. Not sure if it was ZCM or the updates. At the time I blamed it on ZCM. for two months everytime I rebooted (once) I would have to boot into the dell life cycle controller and restart from there. The November monthly updates fixed my problem!!!!

Life was good until Friday when I applied the January updates and rebooted. I the server would not come up again. Now on boot I get could not find /dev/disk/by-id
Hey I have been down this road before, I went into lifecycle controller (did nothing) chose the restart option and the server came right up.................. Except I have no NSS volumes.