I have users all over a site reporting of sending and receiving duplicate emails. I went to the site and did some investigating. I noticed when ever I send email to a user on another remote POA I don't send duplicates. When I send mail to another user on the same local POA the GroupWise client prompts me 2 or 3 times if I want to attach a signature or not. Each time I click yes/no it sends another duplicate of that email. It doesn't display an errors, just prompts a couple of times. GW clients do seem to be crashing as well, with errors like "Can't connect to Post Office" or something a long those lines. I inspected the network and a side from lots of these packets:
The network is healthy. I ran some packet captures on one of the affected machines, but they were less informative than I was hoping. I can link to the captures if any one is interested :) I also looked through the log files on the local POA and found an error that I *think* corresponds to the duplicate emails (actually a series of errors) like:
Couldn't log event: ItemModify id: 5110F19A.SEQ_UHSD.WOODSIDE.100.1357532.1.D73C.1 user: <censored_user>: error: [8F01]
Couldn't log event: FolderItemAdd id: 5110F41D.SEQ_UHSD.WOODSIDE.100.1746262.1.363A.1 user: <censored_user>: error: [8F01]
Couldn't log event: ItemDelete id: 5110F41D.SEQ_UHSD.WOODSIDE.100.1746262.1.363A.1 user: <censored_user>: error: [8F01]
Couldn't log event: ItemPurge id: 5110F41D.SEQ_UHSD.WOODSIDE.100.1746262.1.363A.1 user: <censored_user: error: [8F01]

The POA is 8.0.2 on OES/Netware 6.5 sp8

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,