Hi all,

Going to try installing DSfW on my OES11 network and I have a couple of questions:

1. I have a pretty flat, existing eDirectory tree with 2 levels: Organization (O) at the top of the tree and a bunch of OUs below it. One of the OUs is OU=USERS. From what I understand from the Admin Guide, existing eDirectory tree means I have to use name-mapped setup. But because my user objects are all under OU=USERS, that means I can't. However, if I just create another OU container, I should be able to get around all this and just install DSfW into that container (name-mapped) and delete and create some new users under that container after I have installed DSfW? Not sure if I am understanding this correctly.

2. I don't understand how anyone could even use non-name mapped setups, because, according to the docs, you need to install a new tree (?), but does that not mean that you will have 2 trees in eDirectory? Is that even possible? But you can't install DSfW unless you install eDirectory first, right? If someone could help explain the non-name mapped scenario to me, that would really help!

Thanks very much in advance!!