It drives me mad. Yet is should be so simple

Most software will NOT install as a user in Windows 7, as it requires higher

So the dynamic administrator is supposed to fix that. And it does

But all my software is on NSS volume and I am not prepared to move it to ZCM
repository (where I can not ie edit/adjust/change a single file or group of
files etc)
Something that is trivial if one can access it in filesystem

Also some of the software that uses network distribution share often has
options changed etc

So no, I am not moving it to Repository!

Hence credential for network access

And here the fun starts, some applications (ie GroupWise client will install
OK), but most that I have so far tried does NOT

No version of Office will install (have separate thread about it)

Acrobat 9 Pro will NOT (if run bootstrap setup that uses setup.ini I get
language selection & then error:

The installation package could not be opened

Ofcourse the network access user HAS RF rights to the install source

Has anybody managed to get this setup working (as expected) ?

ZCM 11.2.2 MU2 with Win7 x86 (to make it simple)