Updated GroupWise from 6.x to 2012 and currently at 2012SP1 level (client and POA)
Running on SLES 11 / OES 11.

The signature of a user has changed several months ago but the old one appears so now and then.

Reset client options did not solve this, there is no more than one signature and the signature is placed in the outbound messages after a prompt. Then we notice the old signature, but when we go to Environment / Signature the right (only) one is visible and marked as “default”.

This appears randomly it seems, sometimes with a new message, sometimes with a reply.

I checked the signature in the WebAccess environment, the right (only) one is mentioned.

This GW account can be accessed via proxy, but since there is no other signature to select I have not discovered issues in that direction either.

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot!