I have an OES2 GroupWise VM that I have restored from a snapshot, it does have a eDirectory replica on it. I want to get to the post office on the restored server, it is on a NSS volume. I need a user DB off of it.

The original source server is still running in our VM cluster. I cannot have two servers of the same name in the tree so I have disconnected the virtual network card from the restored GroupWise server and powered it on. I disconnected the network card because I did not want to go through the process of renaming the server and incorporating it into our tree then deleting it once I am done with it.

The NSS volume on the restored server will not mount, seemingly because there is no network connectivity and it is unable to connect to the tree. I have gone through the steps in TID 7006574 making sure that namcd and ndsd are running.

First question I have is: is it possible to mount an nss volume without network connectivity? Is it possible from a volume that "expects" to be in a tree?

Second question is: If the answer to the first question is "no" Is there a way to rename the NSS volume from the restored server then mount the vmdk (virtual disk that the volume lives on) to the live GroupWise server?

I thank you in advance for any thoughts, instructions, or advice you may be able to give me.