I tried to save a client a buck or two and, as usual, I lose.

I need to run 2 virtual machines on a computer. The host is openSUSE
12.2. I am using vmplayer which only allows 1 VM. I setup 2 accounts
and run vmplayer in each account which works but is a little unwieldy.

So then in a terminal in User1's account I "su - user2" then run
vmplayer. This works too and is a little less unwieldy.

Now I want to script this so it will run automagicly. sudo seems to be
lacking or I don't understand.

sudo -u user2 -H /user/bin/vmplayer
user2's password:
DISPLAY is not set,

So I need to set DISPLAY and pass in the password.

After this is fixed I get to go home and barbeque a pizza.

Have a nice day.