Hi all,

I'm not sure if I am understanding the concept correctly, so I hope someone here can help clarify for me:

1. I'm trying to get all my Linux desktops and servers to authenticate against eDirectory on my OES server. This is a new network (actually a lab network), and so the desktops (running OpenSUSE 12.2) and servers (running SLES11SP1) are newly installed, with no local users except for root.

2. I setup LDAP authentication on desktops and servers using YaST and using the LDAP browser, I can see and browse the tree.

3. When I login as an eDirectory/LDAP user, I assumed that a Home Directory and local user account would be created on the desktop and server, but this does not happen. Instead, I get an Authentication Failure.

4. On OpenSUSE 12.2, which uses SSSD instead, I do not see any incoming LDAP request, so of course, that fails.

5. On SLES11SP1, I also get an authentication failure (I have not done a DSTRACE to see if any incoming LDAP requests are received by the eDirectory/LDAP/OES11 server).

So, my question is: do I need to create the user and/or home directory locally first (and the local user's username and password should match the eDirectory/LDAP one?), or is the local account created once LDAP authentication is successful? Or is there some other mechanism here?

Thanks in advance for any help, and Happy Lunar New Year to all!