Good progress with my Win7 build so far, drivers, Agent etc sorted so now looking towards pre-deploying software from ZCM rather than manually scripted add-on images. The reason for this is wanting to use the control \ monitoring of apps via ZCM for anything that's not the "grass roots" of the image (i.e. ZCM Agent, Novell Client and AV).

The first one I'm looking at is Office, if we can install after the imaging process it makes it easy to compartmentalize and replace later on when we move to a newer version. At first look the Linked Application Bundle setting in a Preboot bundle looks ideal but reading more closely there seems to be a limitation that I'm hoping is just my understanding of the feature. The Novell manual says...

The Action - Linked Application Bundle dialog box allows you to link an Application bundle to the 
selected Preboot bundle. The content of the linked application bundle is deployed from the device 
local add-on imaging path (%ZENWORKS_HOME%\work\addons\ on Windows) based upon the 
deployment schedule of the user or device assignment, which is added to the application bundle.
My take on this suggests that you can't install the Linked Application Bundle based on the action of imaging the PC and installation is solely controlled by standard ZCM events? If that's the case that seems to be somewhat problematic as if I need to assign a bundle to all machines I'd need to put the install schedule at a high level in the folder structure (not too keen on that idea!)

Is there any way to have the install action effective only for machines that are running the Preboot bundle \ Linked Application Bundle?