ZCM 11.2
Clients win xp & 7
When a laptop or a wireless desktop loses connection or goes off network the user group policy stops being applied. Even after the user has reconnected to the corporate network the group policies are still not applied to the user. It does seem that the workstation group policy does stay applied. The only way to get the user group policies to reapply is zac cc, zac ref, Logoff, then log back in. Up until now this has not been that big of a problem because we did not have that many wireless devices, but that is starting to change and we're getting more and more wireless devices. For what I've read on the forms and in the manual to me it sounds like the group policy should stay applied to the user even if not logged into ZCM. Should the user group policy stay in effect even if they are off the network or did not login to ZCM? What would be the best way to go about seeing why the group policies are not staying in effect when off network or not logged into ZCM.

To me it seems that I'm constantly fixing little problems with ZCM, is this normal. If there was one thing that I would think ZCM should do perfect every time is applying group policies will this ever be foolproof.

Scott Malugin
A+ Certified
NetWork+ Certified
Dickson County Board of Education
Computer Support