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Thread: New Domain's MTA object missing in eDir -- What to do?!!

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    New Domain's MTA object missing in eDir -- What to do?!!

    We are consolidating a sprawling GW system of 6000+ users spread across 52 PO's down to a more manageable system of just 10 PO's centrally located. We are running GW 8.0.3 hp2, moving from legacy NetWare 6.5 SP8 servers to new Windows 2008 servers (virtualized on ESXi 5). As we are building the new servers, we are creating the new Secondary Domains and Post Offices (one PO per Domain) in ConsoleOne.

    One particular domain, however, has given us a fit. There was clearly some unknown error that occurred during its creation, and what I have now is a domain with an MTA that shows up in C1 in the GroupWise view, but not in the eDirectory Console view. I can neither delete the object from the GW view, nor create its counterpart in the eDir view. Ergo, I'm stuck -- so WTH do I do?

    If I try to delete the MTA object from the GW view, I just end up with a Pending Operation that never clears. Trying to create the MTA object in eDir gives the following error:

    Trying to start the MTA service on the Windows host gives the following error:

    (The message behind the error dialog box just says "GWMTA: Unable to register with SNMP agent. SNMP for this agent is disabled.")

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