Hello Gens,

Busy to test the rolling cluster update between NW 6.5 sp8 and OES 11 sp1.

I have a resource with the CIFS protocol "Enabled"
Inside the NW nodes, no problem.
But when I migrate the resource to the OES 11sp1 node, the resource goes comatose.

OES 11 sp1 got the latest update (January 2013)
No smb running
rcnovell-cifs is running
migrate a NCP resource works

I found in different logs some errors like:

Adding a virtual server is failed
Error unknown error number 168

In the cifs.log, I have errors like:
AllocateDirCacheEntry : Invalid Path /media/nss/DATA
Addserver: CIFSNDSReadFromNDS : Unable to read attributes
etc ...

Is there any issue with CIFS and the rolling cluster ?
Is it not supported ? If yes, what could be the best way to retrieve the Pool/Volume on the other (OES) side ?
Did I forget something ?

Tx for your help ...