I recently updated an OES 11 SP1 server using the online tool and applied the January 2013 Maintenance updates. Upon reboot, the server would not start up. I can get it to start up by entering into the UEFI boot manager (Dell Lifecycle management) and the restarting. But now my NSS pools are not showing up as the partition is not found. Something very similiar happened after the September Update, NSS Pools were unafected. All was fixed after the November 2012 updates..... My question is:

Can I remove the January updates by entering into the Online update software.
Searching for unneeded patches.
Select the January 2013 Maintenance patch.
Go the the Versioins tab of each and every package.
Select the rpm that is immediately prior to the current one in use?

effectively performing a rollback to prior to the update.

SLES 11 in a hardware environment. With an admin (me) that is just about completely ignorant of everytying!