GW8 with latest SP/HPs
OES11 - nss volume

Moved the PO to new server and have it working, mostly. Users lost a bunch mail 1 month and older. And all attachments are lost.
Yes all the files were copied with agents down. Source server was OES2.
Have created a restore area on the new server and restored from backup that PO in its entirety.
Granted the PO, POA rwcemf to the restore area, even granted the user rwcemf rights as a check.

When a user goes to the backup they see a c03f, then a box pops up asking for a path (tried UNC and a mapped drive), then the user gets 8219.
In the POA logs am seeing:

User **** tries to restore from backup from backup location: /media/nss/rest/podir
Unable to access backup location: /server/volume/podir/ User[ ****]

Interesting that the unc path in line 2 starts with a single slash.

When I try to restore email from ConsoleOne the job is sent to the POA.
And I never see anything in the logs.

Of course this is mahogany row people....
So this really has to be accomplished by IT with little to no end user efforts.

Any tips/suggestions appreciated.