Have an issue with a Barracuda Backup 490 unit and getting it to communicate with GroupWise domain to created trusted key. When I run their key generator from their download site I get all types of Unexpected errors when trying to run it. I am logged in with admin access to the tree and have mapped drive to the domain. The user had it working before with a key someone created a year or so back, but when I am in the config of the unit itself, I get can't communicate to server IMAP. I wasn't aware it used a IMAP connection to the server, the key generator doesn't ask for it. I know the key generator for their message archiver is a little different to setup. Found a couple of articles where they mentioned having to have the base context in all caps, but that made little difference for me. Was wondering if anyone ran into any issues getting the key made or getting it to work. Any help would be appreciated.