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Thread: sending PDF crashes client

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    sending PDF crashes client


    We recently upgraded to GroupWise 2012 and are using the 2012 Client SP1.
    The Problem we've got only occurs on Windows XP OS:

    When adding a PDF document to the attachments (size doesn't matter), and then sending the eMail with signature, the client application hangs itself up.
    However, if the users don't add their signature, the eMail sends without problems. (This workaround might work within the company, but when sending to customers it's not satisfying at all.)

    Is there any usable workaround or solution to this problem (which the BugFix list claims to have solved)?

    To sum up:
    Email + PDF attachment + signature = crash
    Email + PDF attachment - no signature = ok
    only on windows XP with PDF. (win7 works fine)

    Thanks for any answers in advance

    Best regards
    C. Hadley
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