cause: Network bridges will not forward all traffic across the bridge. By definition, a bridge will forward broadcast traffic. Other network traffic is only forwarded when the target (MAC address) is on the the other side of the traffic; if the MAC address is not on the other side of the traffic, then it will not be forwarded.

solution1: You will need to set up forwarding rules in "ip tables" to forward all traffic through the bridge. Unfortunately, there are too many variables for this document to detail how to do it. If you need to implement this solution, you may need to contact a Novell Linux partner.

solution2: An alternative solution is to do PCI pass through, which is well documented in the Xen documentation. The caveaut, however, is that it is only currently available for para-virtual Domians at this time. Newer chips and motherboards which support the Intel-VTd technology will allow you to use PCI pass through with fully virtual domains.

This is from Support | XEN: Common problems with network bridges

About solution2 -> Caution: It should be noted that pci-assignable-add will make a device unusable by Domain 0 until it is returned with pci-assignable-remove. Care should therefore be taken not to do this on a device critical to domain 0′s operation, such as in-use storage controllers, network interfaces, or GPUs. This is not for my case.

Can anybody help to forward all traffic through the bridge with iptables?