We have a user on GW 8.0.3 having performance issues sending email.

If the recipient is another GroupWise in the system the email goes pretty much instantly. If the recipient email address is external ie bob@bob.com then the GW client sits there for a while (with the Windows waiting cursor) before eventually sending the email. The email gets to the recipient ok. The wait time is in the tens of seconds to minutes. Certainly noticeable and annoying.

The Gwia is on a separate server in its own domain (MTA).

Also if when writing an email, they right click on the TO: to bring up address book selector, they get as far as typing the first letter then wait for the addressbook to catch up. Trying to find a user with the several letter eg r o b e r t, etc can take minutes to resolve. Other users on the same GW system get a result almost instantly.

They do have a large mailbox c7000 emails, but we have other users with similar sizes and no issues as such. The PC is a WinXP machine with 3gb ram and doesn't appear to suffer in other ways.

Anyone ideas how to troubleshoot this or what might be causing the problem(s)?
many thanks