I have 3 Post Offices on GroupWise 8.3 on Windows 2008 sp2. On one of
them the gwpoa.exe service is crashing with this error in the event viewer:

Application Error: Faulting application gwpoa.exe version
time stamp 0x503b98e1 faulting module gwenv1.dll version
time stamp 0x503b9788 exception code 0xc0000005 fault ofset 0x003b4af
process id 0x1214 application start time0x01ce098bc44f7b3.

Event ID 1000

All three post offices were crashing like this, but since I rebuilt the
PO databases (as suggested in another thread), just this one is still
doing it.

I have also switched DEP to be for 'essential Windows programs and
services only' as suggested in another thread.

Any ideas to fix this issue? - Doug