Hello everybody,

we are running Novell OES (Netware 6.5 SP 06 english) with majority of clients running WinXP russian with Novell Client 4.91.
For these clients UTF8 encoding is switched off. When they communicate between each other there are no issues.
But when there is a client running Win7 (english or russian) with subsequent Novell client then we have the next file issues when they have an access to the same Netware folder:
- file saved by WinXP client with UTF8 off which has any russian (cyrillic) letter in the name cannot be recognized by Win 7 client (like garbled file name) but can be opened;
- file saved by Win7 client with subsequent Novell client which has even one russian (cyrillic) letter in the name makes the whole folder's content invisible for Win XP clients. As soon as Win 7 client deletes/moves or renames such file then folder's content gets immediately visible for Win XP clients.
One of solutions would be to switch off UTF8 setting by Novell client for Win7 but this option looks like not possible.
If you have any ideas which could solve the above issue please advise.

Thank you.