I have a few questions about QuickFinder functionality and configuration.

I recently upgraded to GW 2012 SUSE. In the month or so since, I have noticed that the Search (as opposed to the Find) in WebAccess would often be very slow, or would work well for some users and not at all for others. Sometimes the search would fail with the error:"your request could not be processed due to connection failure with the server" The number of items in their mailbox does not seem to matter.

I also discovered that I did not have QF enabled in the POA.

My questions:

1. If I did not have QF enabled in the POA, how was it that the search feature in WebAccess was working at all? Is there some other "default" type of search enabled in GW?

2. If I enable QuickFinder Indexing how much space will it use? We are a relatively small GW shop: 500 users 300Gb of space. Also, where are the index files from QF stored on the GW system.

Thank you for your help in advance.