My first NW65 to OES11 migration went really well. Only one user even noticed something changed and that was only because she had a drive manually mapped to a location that did not exist on the OES server.

So, I decided to try my next site. I am running into a problem with MIGGUI though. I can authenticate to both servers fine. I set it to Consolidate mode and add File System. When I configure the File System step though, the target's NSS volumes either do not show up or show up, but do not allow you to drop any directories onto them. It is really strange. I can drop directories anywhere on the Linux file system, just not under the NSS Volumes section. There are no errors in the log related to this at all. I've tried deleting all the NSS setup, recreating them, but nothing seems to work. I've deleted them from eDirectory and then used either iManager or NSSMU to add them back, but still no luck. I thought it might be LUM-related, but everything is working there as far as I can tell. I even removed the new server from NDS and did a complete fresh reload of SUSE/OES, but still have the same issue with it.

Any ideas on what else to check?